The above depicts our most popular courses at the moment. The TopMinds complete training portfolio though offers over 200 courses that covers all aspects of soft and hard skills. Please feel free to ask if you do not see the course that you require. Best regards TopMinds.

TopMinds on-line training courses and workshops are always realistically and logically structured. They have a high level of hands-on activities and are run by our very experienced and enthusiastic trainers, who are the top in their professional field.

Our trainers do not just carry their local working knowledge to the table but also their extensive experience of working internationally and therefore, can bring the latest up to date ideas to the Philippines for the benefit of our clients.

TopMinds offers either public on-line courses or we can develop an in-house on-line training programme with the opportunity to integrate your company’s own methods, culture, and involvement to a bespoke training opportunity.

As a client, you can choose from our general training courses and modules, specific in-depth training, or a combination of both.

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